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War With In



(commentated excerpts from the "Book of XI")

"...a thousand years from now there will still be the 'house of XI' of the last houses
remaining from the pre-earth era of this Vie or Bloods..."

"...other's flesh could not survive here either...blend with
the local flesh to maintain some vessel, habitat, or body in which
to await the comings..."

"...mingling with the local
flesh bares a risk, the re-configuring of the
PENTA DNA - the XIans..."

"...this issue came to significance when
the XIans, crazed with power, beauty absolute,
and a harmonic presence that causes anything they took
thought of, felt, or in anyway eminated, to become manifest.
The local flesh was so compliant to the will of the XIans..."

"...that their discord, One to One other, quickly
grew into an unstoppable war, thus destroying each other..."

"...with the house of XI divided, the enemy of "Love
Joy" grew in presence and amidst the tumult and
agonies of Hate Alive even the XIans actually
forsook their first habitation and having no
other habitation, we destroyed our own house
which being comprised of all things within our
presence was a very short war..."

"...our warring destroyed our composition,
but not our souls, neither the components necessary to re-comprise the
factors needed to recreate the chemistry without the direct burning, unshielded influence
of this yellow sun...celestial bodies, stars and non stars, are like organs in the earth
flesh bodies...the organ and surrounding tissue must be one...stars like this
one are good only for certain kinds of flesh and harmful for others.
Deep earth chemistry kept our presences alive..."

"...the XIans were not formed here, though they could rule - they could not survive.
yet would not leave, they could not resist the absolute beauty of the flesh here
because, it being yet not perfected, it still bore the faces of their pure
god-soul or angel. This flesh appeared as all the emotions and
presences of the 'Master' themselves..."

"...if One can imagine living in a place where every one in the city is a celebrity. The earth 
flesh environment was a garden of select forms of life's expressions and it was so irresistible 
they stayed. XIans would have to forsake their first habitation and join their flesh to the 
flesh of the earth to be able to stay. That was a very bad idea of the worst kind..."

"...we new earth flesh XIans were even less disciplined than our formers and could
not handle the lust and with so much power we soon destroyed the garden, grew wild with it
(like going over a waterfall), created an unstoppable war, and utterly wiped our selves
right off the face of the earth. But only off the face, not off the earth..."

" our blood seeped through the ground, the ocean floors, down the mountains and into
the forests, as our blood was eaten and brought forth again, as the dung of all things that
live is poured again onto the mountains and seas and deserts and jungles, deep
within the earth our bodies chemistry, which existed not here afore, now
existed here and could bring forth bloods that would eventually
lead to the re-composability of the blood of XI,
the Penta Dna or fifth blood..."

"...the only problem is that the Wild Garden-Earth mixed with XIan blood has
been recomposing the enemy of Love Joy, Hate Alive..."

"...this Hate...Alive is what creates unstoppable war and divides
houses, One against an Other..."

"...discord with power is Hate Alive, but has no power over Love Joy it only has
power in the absence of Love Joy. Very much like shadow only has
power in the absence of light. Light can remove shadow
much more than shadow can remove light..."

(commentated excerpts from the "Book of XI")




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